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…the blog Returns. Long Live The Blog.

It’s been many, many years since I’ve had the motivation, desire or energy to write and share. In the past I would’ve used this place for self promotion or showing some clever shit I’ve been doing. Those resouces are no longer valide reasons to write and share.

So why return?

Over the past 6-8 years I’ve been picking myself apart. Trying to ‘ debug’ what’s been going on within me and understand how that effects my behaviour for the better or worse. I’ve learned a great deal about myself, others and tool used for exploration. This is what I want to share. 

What’s the gain in returning…

Primarily. I want to share and help others that might have found themselves wondering what I did, and in fact still do. ‘What is all this about!?’. Life that is. The important stuff vs what we believe is important. The hard stuff, the fun stuff. ALL OF THE STUFF! 😆 

My intention is that these words and experiences will spark a bit of discussion and debate. But most of all. I hope that it will inspire more sharing and help me to find like-mined folk that also want to share.

Catch ya’ll on the flip side and thanks for reading. ❤🙏

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